Comparison Shopping for a Home Loan

  Lender A Lender B Lender C
What are the monthly payments?      
What is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?
(the cost of credit expressed as a yearly rate; includes the interest rate, points, broker fees, and other credit charges)
What is the interest rate?
(the cost of borrowing money expressed as a percentage rate)
Will the interest rate change?      



How often?


By how much?


What will you have to pay in points?


What will you have to pay in fees?


Application or loan processing fee


Origination or underwriting fee


Lender or funding fee


Appraisal fee


Document preparation and recording fees


Broker fees


Other fees

Are any of the application fees refundable if you don't get the loan?      
How many years will you have to repay the loan?      
Is this an installment loan or a line of credit?      
Is there a balloon payment?      
What are the total closing costs?      
If you use a broker, how will he or she be paid?      
Does the loan include optional credit insurance?
(You don't have to accept optional credit insurance to get your loan.)
If you want optional credit insurance, can you pay for it monthly instead of financing the premiums as part of your loan?      
Did you get a copy of your credit score?      
Can you afford this loan?