Home Equity Loans and Equity Financing

Finding a Home Equity Lender and Getting a Loan

Tips on comparing home equity lenders, home loans and how to comparison shop for financing.

Comparison Shopping for a Home Loan

You can compare home equity loans with this loan comparison worksheet- compare payment terms, interest rates, fees and more.

Getting a Line of Credit on Equity

Use the equity in your home to obtain financing or credit. But avoid borrowing pitfalls and know the terms and conditions.

Making a Wise Loan Decision

Avoid scams and unwise loans by knowing to avoid abusive lenders.

Reverse Mortgages

Learn about reverse mortgages and how to use credit while living in your home.

Facts abour Reverse Mortgage Loans

There are several types of reverse mortgage or equity lines of credity. Find out if you qualify and how you can get cash for equity.

Reverse Mortgage FAQ

Questions and answers about credit lines and home equity loans, especially reverse mortgage loans. Ten things to know if you're considering a reverse mortgage.